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1. (Physical Geography) in a seaward manner
2. (Physical Geography) at or on the sea



adj., adv.
1. to or toward the sea; seaward.
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Adv.1.asea - in the direction of the seaasea - in the direction of the sea; "the sailor looked seaward"
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In addition to showcasing the ASEA cellular health products at its booth located in Hall B at booth #203, Dr.
An official statement form EGX said that African stock exchanges' heads were present "in order to discuss ASEA development' mechanisms and the executive plan to activate the association's role to develop the African markets and to promote them so they could occupy the position they deserve on the global investment' map".
I'm still not convinced that ASEA didn't start out as a joke by someone wondering if they could sell something as ridiculous as salt water as a health product.
ABB Asea Brown Boveri is a leading supplier of electrotechnical equipment with total sales of about $20 billion and 200,000 employees in 140 countries.
ASEA feels that with a little refinement, production rates for the automated unit could be boosted to 3 relays/min if that volume becomes necessary.
The July, 2010 issue of Road Bike Action magazine featured results from cyclists who participated in a three-month ASEA trial, which resulted in an average of 10% more ventilatory threshold endurance, with some cyclists experiencing an increase of more than 30%.
ASEA president gave a recipe to double Africa's GDP growth; heemphasised the importance of continued improvement in business
ASEA was incorporated in 1993 with the objective of developing a framework for joint cooperation and information exchange among the ASEA members.
ASEA engineers calculated that payback for the vision-system upgrading was one year.
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, has been recognized by Utah Business magazine as the 12[sup.
This was decided during the Executive Committee meeting of ASEA after its 18th Annual General Meeting in Diana, Kenya.
Daily News Egypt talks to ASEA president, Sunil Benimadhu.