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 (ə-sĕp′tĭk, ā-)
a. Free of pathogenic microorganisms: aseptic surgical instruments.
b. Using methods to protect against infection by pathogenic microorganisms: aseptic surgical techniques.
2. Lacking animation or emotion: an aseptic smile.

a·sep′ti·cal·ly adv.
a·sep′ti·cism n.


in a non-putrefying manner
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Currently, the company has multiple additional approvals pending, including a fast-tracked, aseptically pre-filled syringe product.
Bangor University are looking to purchase an Optical tweezer and microdissector combined in one research platform to include: laser microdissection module for contact-free isolation of living or fixed specimens and laser micromanipulation module to aseptically trap, sort and move particles in micrometer- submicrometer size range.
The 215,000-square-foot facility processes conventional and organic milk in half-gallon and gallon containers, and packages aseptically processed milk, creams and juices in quart-sized and smaller bottles.
Thermo Fisher Scientific's Sterilin quality-assured containers are aseptically manufactured under controlled, automated cleanroom conditions.
Alongside the updated recipes, Polar Krush has worked with global manufacturer Alfa Lavel to develop a new packaging format, similar to a wine bag in a box, aseptically sealed in order to keep it fresher for longer so preservatives are not needed.
Site was cleaned aseptically with the help of Betadine (a) 0.
KanPak LLC aseptically packages coffee, dairy and fruit beverages and desserts.
Vetter, a global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for the development, commercial manufacturing and final packaging of aseptically prefilled drug-delivery systems, has unveiled plans for the construction of a new building at a ground breaking ceremony held at its Ravensburg Schuetzenstrasse site.
Tomatoes and bananas tend to be brighter in color and have a better mouthfeel when packaged aseptically, Austin states.
Since then, there have been many other advances in both the processing and packaging of aseptically prepared food products.
SIG Combibloc's drinksplus technology makes it possible for beverages with up to ten percent natural particulate content to be processed and aseptically filled in carton packs on standard filling machines for liquid dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks: an innovation that offers additional benefits for food manufacturers and consumers.
The Sentino Dispenser aseptically dispenses individual membrane filters with a single press on its soft-touch keypad.