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adv. & adj.
At a slope or slant.


adv, adj
(postpositive) sloping



1. at a slope; aslant; slantingly; diagonally.
2. sloping.
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Adj.1.aslope - having an oblique or slanted directionaslope - having an oblique or slanted direction
inclined - at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position; "an inclined plane"
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Remember with what mild And gracious temper he both heard and judg'd Without wrauth or reviling; wee expected Immediate dissolution, which we thought Was meant by Death that day, when lo, to thee Pains onely in Child-bearing were foretold, And bringing forth, soon recompenc't with joy, Fruit of thy Womb: On mee the Curse aslope Glanc'd on the ground, with labour I must earne My bread; what harm?
Far as the eye could see, farther and farther as they mounted the slope, were seas beyond seas of pines, now all aslope one way under the wind.
Mass movement and surface compaction with mobileEarthmoving and compaction equipment in sloped embankments- Scientific-technical embankments using riprap andpartly with geotextile composite hoses (300 m) on aSlope length of 1 700 meters.