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Noun1.asparagus bed - a bed in which asparagus is growing
bed - a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"
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I lost a 3-year-old, 30-foot asparagus bed this year, and other years have seen my carrot and beet crop 90 percent destroyed
Some old-timers say that additions of salt to the asparagus bed will help kill weeds.
Describe the gardens and outside space: "Set in a half acre plot, the front has an extensive patio in stone, lawn and a large area with roses, apple trees and an asparagus bed.
Picking asparagus involves being bent at the waist all day while rapidly walking down the asparagus bed to cut and pick up each spear by hand, a very physically demanding job.
An asparagus bed is a long-term investment requiring patience during the first three years when none of the shoots should be cut, and afterwards taking care not to exhaust the bed by over-harvesting.
My annual asparagus bed maintenance and weed management regime was pretty simple for the first few years.
Q Dear Elizabeth: Recently one of my cats has taken to using my asparagus bed for a litter box.
If you have an asparagus bed, the last cut should be made and then the plants left to grow unhindered for the rest of the year.
Despite the admirable longevity of an established asparagus bed, the plants get off to a slow start.
Keep the asparagus bed watered, and in the spring give a top dressing of a high nitrogen and potash fertiliser.
Planting and tending an asparagus bed is admittedly a more ambitious project than sowing a row of lettuce, but people who commit to it find that the investment of time pays off in years of harvests.

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