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Masayoshi Naruse, a former head of the process development division of Ajinomoto's Central Research Laboratories, developed the production method for the sweetener aspartame along with his colleagues in 1982.
A review of sudden death in young athletes, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (2003:1064) made no mention of aspartame as a primary cause or suspected contributory factor, especially when demonstrable disease was absent.
A statement from NutraSweet AG said: "There is already an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence which confirms the safety of aspartame but scaremongerers have continued to claim that aspartame is linked to brain tumours.
But what really makes readers pay attention is a far more terrifying claim: Aspartame makes people fat by causing an insatiable craving for carbohydrates.
For the past 10 years the artificial sweetner aspartame - known to millions as Nutrasweet - has been extensively used in "low-calorie" products in the UK.
Jacqueline, Tenby, Dyfed FP: Just so you know: Sainsbury's, Asda and M&S do not use aspartame in their own-label products.
The National Council of Women (NCW) has been urging the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) to remove the synthetic sweetener Aspartame from all food and drink in the UK for several years.
In 1996, aspartame was erroneously linked to brain tumours and, though this was refuted, opinion was fixed.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Diet Pepsi, without aspartame, will hit U.
Safety: Aspartame tops the list of sugar substitutes to avoid.