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In the Roman Catholic Church and some other churches, the ceremony of sprinkling the altar, clergy, and congregation with holy water.

[From Latin aspergēs (mē), you will sprinkle (me), the first words of the rite, second person sing. future tense of aspergere, to sprinkle; see asperse.]


1. (Roman Catholic Church) a short rite preceding Mass, in which the celebrant sprinkles those present with holy water to the accompaniment of the chant Asperges me, Domine
2. (Roman Catholic Church) the chant opening with these words
[C16: from Latin Asperges (me hyssopo) Thou shalt purge (me with hyssop)]


(əˈspɜr dʒiz)

the rite of sprinkling holy water before high mass.
[< Latin: you will sprinkle (2nd pers. singular future of aspergere)]
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French Regional Dinner: Loire Valley" will feature Rillettes de Tours (spiced pork spread on toasts, with French breakfast radishes and cornichons), Salade aux Asperges Mimosa (asparagus vinaigrette with egg), Truite au Beurre Blanc, Lgumes Printanires (trout with wine and butter sauce with spring vegetables) or Blanquette de Lapin la Tourangelle (braised rabbit with wine and spring vegetables) and Tarte aux Fraises (strawberry tart).
Deux gardiens avaient ete asperges d'essence et brules.
Caption: At the opening Eucharist of the 41st General Synod, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, sprinkles members with holy water in a rite of blessing known as asperges, while the Rev.
Cultivated in the Netherlands, 'Brabantse Wal asperges is a white asparagus with a slightly salted and non-bitter taste.
El rewe sera el centro de las acciones rituales consistentes en la ofrenda de alimentos, libaciones con chicha, sahumerios, sacrificios de animales, asperges con sangre y bailes.
Tu as mis le mot de trop quand ton immonde traduisait ton besoin de fletrissure dont tu asperges tes amants pour mieux les avilir.
Ce dernier a ete poursuivi par des citoyens qui avaient tente de l'arreter sans y parvenir pour avoir ete asperges de gaz lacrymogene avant que les policiers n'interviennent pour arreter le voleur en possession du bijou ainsi qu'une bombe lacrymogene.
So it is proclaimed in the Psalm we intone at every High Mass, in the Penitential Psalm of David, the Asperges me: "With the water of the hyssop cleanse me and I shall become whiter than the snow.
I ate a dish many years ago by Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir au Quat Saison, an utterly stunning Chartreuse de Asperges - a warm asparagus mousse with morel mushrooms and fresh truffle.
TARTE AUX ASPERGES (Serves 4-5) INGREDIENTS For the pastry: 250g plain flour 175g butter A pinch of salt For the filling: 1kg asparagus 1tsp sugar 450ml bechamel sauce made with milk or cream 60g grated cheese METHOD Knead the flour, salt and butter together, adding a little water to make a paste.
La plupart du temps, ils choisirent de manger des produits locaux, comme les asperges blanches, la perle des produits maraichers allemands, alors en pleine saison (Spargelzeit).
Si fatuum fuerit, liquamen adicies, si salsum, mellis modicum, et coronam bubulam asperges et bulliat.