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tr.v. as·persed, as·pers·ing, as·pers·es
a. To spread false or damaging accusations or insinuations against (someone).
b. To slander or libel; defame.
2. To sprinkle, especially with holy water.

[Middle English, to besprinkle, from Latin aspergere, aspers- : ad-, ad- + spargere, to strew.]

as·per′sive (-sĭv, -zĭv) adj.
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Queer has been used derogatorily for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and has, over the last decade, been adopted as an identity by many members of these communities to deconstruct and dismantle its aspersive power.
A former clerk to Black once told me that Black had underlined much of the book and made aspersive marginal asides.