aspiration pneumonia

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Noun1.aspiration pneumonia - inflammation of the lungs caused by inhaling or choking on vomitus; may occur during unconsciousness (anesthesia or drunkenness or seizure or cardiac arrest)
bronchial pneumonia, bronchopneumonia - pneumonia characterized by acute inflammation of the walls of the bronchioles
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Aspiration pneumonia, on the other hand, is diagnosed based on clinical symptoms of pneumonia together with the presence of dysphagia.
4) Malnutrition and poor oral hygiene lower immunity and cause sarcopenia (loss of skeletal muscle mass), which can lead to infections such as aspiration pneumonia (caused by inhaling of food, liquids, saliva or vomit into the lungs).
Differential diagnoses among pulmonary edema, preexisting pneumonia, and aspiration pneumonia were needed.
found budesonide can improve pulmonary ventilation and diffuse function in the treatment of neonatal aspiration pneumonia.
In conjunction, the MBS study, which is a radiological examination of the swallowing process, is key to determine the nature and extent of the swallowing disorder, which is a frequent cause of morbidity and disability in all age groups, resulting from a wide spectrum of medical conditions and if not timely and properly detected and assessed, may lead to dehydration, weight loss, aspiration pneumonia, airway obstruction, severely reduced quality of life and even death, added the company.
Bronchial asthma, recurrent aspiration pneumonia, recurrent ear and throat infection were cited to be some of the complication registered in children.
According to the affidavit, Steele also suffered collapsed lungs, aspiration pneumonia and a bruised left shoulder.
If sensory or cough motor capability is compromised, the individual risks uncompensated aspiration and subsequent lung infection or aspiration pneumonia (AP) (Taylor-Clark, 2015).
Suckling problems, respiratory difficulty, gastroesophagial refux and tendency to aspiration pneumonia and infections can be seen in SMA patients in newborns.
Good dental hygiene, including regular dental checkups, may help reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and thus lower your risk of aspiration pneumonia.
With the progression of the disease caregivers have to face heartbreaking decisions when a patient can no longer eat or develops recurrent chest infections because of a poor ability to swallow leading to aspiration pneumonia.
It's far easier, cheaper, and better for your overall health to replace missing teeth immediately, according to research published in the Journal of Prosthodontics, which cites dozens of studies correlating missing teeth to increased risks of cancer, dementia, chronic obstruction pulmonary disease, aspiration pneumonia, and even an increased risk of passing away at a younger age.