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Of, relating to, or suited for breathing or suction.
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The items included five bags containing aspiratory machines, and others.
Hence, the principle of equation involved here is aspiratory in nature, and the principles of law and the demands of justice need not necessarily mean the same thing because their functioning is tailored towards the common good.
For the control group, the 39 non-SARS patients (21 with bacterial pneumonia, 1 with aspiratory pneumonia, 2 with acute pulmonary edema, 2 with upper respiratory tract infection, 2 with influenza, 1 with acute bronchitis, 1 with bronchiectasis, 1 with secondary lung cancer, 1 with gastrointestinal bleeding, 1 with acute cholangitis, 1 with infectious mononucleosis, 1 with viral gastroenteritis, 1 with liver abscess, 1 with peritonitis and end stage renal failure, 1 with cellulites, and 1 with thalamic hemorrhage) were those who had symptoms similar to those for the SARS patients.