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tr.v. as·sailed, as·sail·ing, as·sails
1. To attack violently, as with blows or military force; assault.
2. To attack verbally, as with ridicule or censure. See Synonyms at attack.
3. To trouble or beset, as with questions or doubts.

[Middle English assailen, from Old French asalir, asaill-, from Vulgar Latin *assalīre, variant of Latin assilīre, to jump on : ad-, onto; see ad- + salīre, to jump; see sel- in Indo-European roots.]

as·sail′a·ble adj.
as·sail′a·bil′i·ty n.
as·sail′er n.
as·sail′ment n.
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Adj.1.assailable - not defended or capable of being defendedassailable - not defended or capable of being defended; "an open city"; "open to attack"
vulnerable - susceptible to attack; "a vulnerable bridge"


Open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection:


adj (lit, fig)angreifbar
References in classic literature ?
There was but one assailable p oint in this otherwise conclusive evidence.
The one assailable place in that cold and secret nature was the place occupied by the memory of the Professor.
On the morning after my return from Hampshire I took Marian upstairs into my working-room, and there laid before her the plan that I had matured thus far, for mastering the one assailable point in the life of Sir Percival Glyde.
VI, 1987 Constitution) Thus, it is clear that Abad's use of savings without any legislative appropriation to purchase the antidengue vaccines is assailable as legally and constitutionally infirm.
Envelopments send the attacking force around prominent enemy defenses to seize objectives in the enemy rear or to attack an assailable flank.
It gives Aberystwyth an assailable five-point lead over Rhyl with just one match to play.
Ultimately, though the purposive interpretation argument is assailable, it provides a coherent path to the conclusion that, in Scenario B, the Bank's right of contractual set-off does not create a PPSA security interest in Al's deposit account.
made practically assailable in Moby Dick (MD, 160).
Garrett's least assailable criticism of DPAs and corporate prosecutions in general is his contention that prosecutors target corporate offenders in a manner that is "strikingly opaque" (p.
He now has what looks an assailable lead to be top jockey at the festival for a 10th time.
Alhaji Ahmed Satomi, the Chairman, State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) stated that the intent was targeted at adhering needs for the education of the assailable children who have no means to gain education.