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a. A violent physical attack, as with blows.
b. A strong or cutting verbal attack.
a. A military attack, such as one launched against a fortified area or place.
b. The concluding stage of an attack in which close combat occurs with the enemy.
3. Law
a. An unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another.
b. The act or an instance of unlawfully threatening or attempting to injure another.
a. Sexual assault.
b. The crime of rape.
5. A rigorous or energetic effort to accomplish something difficult: an assault on the mountain's summit; an assault on poverty.
v. as·sault·ed, as·sault·ing, as·saults
1. To make a violent assault upon; attack. See Synonyms at attack.
2. To rape.
3. To attack verbally; criticize or denounce.
4. To harass or beset: assaulted by advertisements.
To make an assault.

[Middle English assaut, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *assaltus, variant of Latin assultus, from past participle of assilīre, to jump on; see assail.]

as·sault′er n.
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Noun1.assaulter - someone who attacksassaulter - someone who attacks      
offender, wrongdoer - a person who transgresses moral or civil law
ambusher - an attacker who waits in a concealed position to launch a surprise attack
avenger, retaliator - someone who takes vengeance
brute, savage, wildcat, beast, wolf - a cruelly rapacious person
bludgeoner - an assailant who uses a bludgeon
bully, hooligan, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, yob, yobbo, yobo, tough - a cruel and brutal fellow
harrier, harasser - a persistent attacker; "the harassers were not members of the regular army"
iconoclast - someone who attacks cherished ideas or traditional institutions
marauder, piranha, predator, vulture - someone who attacks in search of booty
night rider, nightrider - member of a secret mounted band in United States South after the American Civil War; committed acts of intimidation and revenge
raper, rapist - someone who forces another to have sexual intercourse
shedder, spiller - an attacker who sheds or spills blood; "a great hunter and spiller of blood"
slasher - someone who slashes another person
stabber - someone who stabs another person
lapidator, stoner - an attacker who pelts the victim with stones (especially with intent to kill)


One who starts a hostile action:
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Evidently disheartened by the failure of their first attempt the assaulters drew off, but only for a short time.
The criminal investigation department initiated investigations and arrested the main assaulter in record time, he added.
He's not an assaulter of women in normal circumstances.
Following 9/11 Scott was one of the first to deploy into Afghanistan and led multiple combat operations as the Master Assaulter for the region's Commander's In Extremist Forces and again into Iraq and the Horn of Africa.
complaint against his assaulter, however, his electrical appliances were
The lingerie designed by Manisha and two of her friends is equipped with an electronic circuit, which disables the assaulter on the spot without causing damage to the wearer.
We have registered the case against unknown assaulter and rapist," investigating officer Khan Mohammad said.
I am now strong enough to work with Air Force Office of Special Investigation agents as well as special victims' counselors to help me get through these challenging times and bring my assaulter to justice--not just for me, but for others who may fall victim to him or others like him.
The only 'confession' worth considering, is the admission of guilt made by the vandal, miscreant, assaulter, murderer etc themselves, in open court.
A few dozens of Bulgarians came out on rallies in 4 major cities to request that Movement of Rights and Freedoms delegates who severely beat up the assaulter of former party leader Ahmed Dogan face justice.
It is capable of sounding alarm, send alert SMSes and give the assaulter an electric shock if he is being hit with it, its makers claimed here.