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or as·sa·gai  (ăs′ə-gī′)
1. A light spear or lance used by Bantu peoples of southern Africa.
2. A tall evergreen tree (Curtisia dentata) of southern Africa, having durable wood used for making weapons, furniture, and other wooden products, and bark that is used in traditional medicine.

[Early Modern English, from Middle French azagaye (probably via Old Spanish azagaya, a small spear or javelin), from Arabic az-zaġāya, the spear : al-, the + zaġāya, spear, of Berber origin; akin to Tuareg tăhġait, bayonet, from earlier *tăzġait (*tă-...-t, feminine noun circumfix).]


(ˈæsəˌɡaɪ) or


n, pl -gais
1. (Plants) a southern African cornaceous tree, Curtisia faginea, the wood of which is used for making spears
2. (Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a sharp light spear, esp one made of this wood
[C17: from Portuguese azagaia, from Arabic az zaghāyah, from al the + zaghāyah assegai, from Berber]


or as•sa•gai

(ˈæs əˌgaɪ)

n., pl. -gais.
1. an iron-tipped spear used by Bantu peoples of S Africa.
2. a S African tree, Curtisia dentata, of the dogwood family, from whose wood such weapons were made.
[1615–25; earlier azagaia < Portuguese < Arabic az zaghāyah]
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Noun1.assegai - the slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africaassegai - the slender spear of the Bantu-speaking people of Africa
lance, spear, shaft - a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon


nAssagai m
References in classic literature ?
Few have known it, for I have kept it locked in my breast, lest, thought I live now under the law of the White Man, and the Great Queen is my chieftainess, an assegai still might find this heart did any know my name.
I felt you start; you start as the regiment of the Bees started when Mopo walked before their ranks, and from the assegai in his hand the blood of Chaka[1] dropped slowly to the earth.
He stalked across the mountains and the veldt, his eyes blazed like the lightning, and in his hand he shook a little assegai that was red with blood.
In that light, too, his skin looked scarcely more than dark, except here and there where deep black scars marked old assegai wounds.
His novels reportedly make him pounds 4m a time and his 32nd, Assegai, is another epic page-turner set in East Africa prior to the First World War.
After all, the Leo projectiles are only scaled down versions of the Naschem Assegai ERFB 155 mm enhanced range projectiles, so the introduction of PFF to the 155 mm family should be feasible with little difficulty.
Diehl Munitionssysteme has teamed with Denel of South Africa with a view to combining this system with the Naschem Assegai family of 155 mm long-range projectiles, among other possible applications.
In fact, the alliance has existed for some time as DMS supplies the dual spectrum (visual and infrared) smoke for one part of Denel's advanced Assegai 155 mm projectile family, intended to be fired as readily from 52 calibre tubes as from 39 calibre tubes.
The official cause of his death later that day was given as 'multiple assegai wounds'.
These recent changes can be readily appreciated by an examination of the Assegai family of 155 mm projectiles available from Naschem, part of Denel in South Africa.
While invoking Daumier, Heartfield, and Cuban poster art, the militant imagery commingles Kalashnikov rifles and African assegai with depictions of party members distributing free breakfasts to children and escorting the elderly through crime-ridden streets.
Yesterday a group of Britons were killed in a bus crash in the Assegai Valley of South Africa.