Hasty, typically servile agreement with another's opinions.


servile or hypocritical agreement


(ˌæs ɛnˈteɪ ʃən)

the practice of assenting readily, esp. obsequiously.
[1475–85; < Latin]
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The Castle in the Forrest (2007) recounts the remarkable assentation of Adolph Hitler to the dubious position of megalomaniac-in-chief, a conflicted man who genuinely believed he could save the world through a Fascist construct of suppression, destruction, and institutionalized slaughter.
As they worked through how that group of lords responded to the death of Duncan and the assentation of Macbeth, however, they realized the degree to which the lords' thinking did function as a unit.
Such results echo the assentation of Soloway and Norris (2001) indicating devices "at hands" are a critical condition to facilitate active technology-enhance learning activities as students do not need to spend extra efforts on accessing the learning devices and sharing the learning devices with others.
tis the property of cordial Friendship mutually to admonish and to be admonish'd, and as the one is to be done with all Freedom, but without any Sharpness, and the other to be taken with all Patience and without any murmuring: so we may be sure that there is no great Canker to Friendship than Flattery, fawning and assentation.