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tr.v. as·signed, as·sign·ing, as·signs
1. To select for a duty or office; appoint: firefighters assigned to the city's industrial park. See Synonyms at appoint.
2. To set apart for a particular purpose or place in a particular category; designate: assigned the new species to an existing genus. See Synonyms at allocate.
3. To give out as a task; allot: assigned homework to the class.
4. To ascribe; attribute: assigned blame for the loss to a lack of good defense. See Synonyms at attribute.
5. To match or pair with: assign a value to each of the variables.
6. Law To transfer (property, rights, or interests) from one to another.
n. Law
An assignee.

[Middle English assignen, from Old French assigner, from Latin assignāre : ad-, ad- + signāre, to mark (from signum, sign; see sekw- in Indo-European roots).]

as·sign′a·bil′i·ty n.
as·sign′a·ble adj.
as·sign′a·bly adv.
as·sign′er n.
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the assignability of patents and the enforceability of pre-invention assignment agreements were well-established aspects of the law and business of patent.
20] The aim of the regulators of UCC regulation draft was to establish a law by which they consider assignability in order to guarantee the beneficiary's ability of using letters of credit as a pledge, and also the ability of assignment of income facilitates the use of "reinsurance" letters of credit.
Other provisions that could be analyzed in terms of shifting risks between the parties include assignability provisions, bankruptcy provisions, and license or grant-back provisions related to technologies subsequently derived from the original licensed technology.
In the absence of contrary provisions in such governing documents, the statutory prohibitions on the assignability of an LLC interest, the admission of new members, and the management of LLC business and affairs should also apply.
I think it's the responsibility of agents to explain the contract of insurance when they sell it, and one of the provisions that exists in most contracts is the right of assignability.
Negotiate hard on things such as cancellation rights, assignability and renewal options.