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 (ăs′ĭg-năt′, ăs′ēn-yä′)
Any of the notes issued as paper currency in France (1789-1796) by the revolutionary government and secured by confiscated lands.

[French, from Latin assignātus, past participle of assignāre, to assign; see assign.]


(ˈæsɪɡˌnæt; ˌæsɪˈnjɑː; French asiɲa)
1. (Historical Terms) French history the paper money issued by the Constituent Assembly in 1789, backed by the confiscated land of the Church and the émigrés
2. (Banking & Finance) French history the paper money issued by the Constituent Assembly in 1789, backed by the confiscated land of the Church and the émigrés
[C18: from French, from Latin assignātum something appointed; see assign]


(ˈæs ɪgˌnæt; Fr. a siˈnya)

n., pl. as•sig•nats (ˈæs ɪgˌnæts; Fr. a siˈnya)
a note issued as currency from 1789 to 1796 by the French revolutionary government on the security of confiscated lands.
[1780–90; < French < Latin assignātus assigned]
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While still a few steps from the officer she unfolded the kerchief and took out of it a white twenty-five-ruble assignat and hastily handed it to him.
How odd to find that even this industry has its financial panics, and at times sees its assignats and greenbacks languish to zero, and everything come to a standstill.
QVID FESTINAS MI GETA Probus personae assignat hoc Sostratae, Asper non uult ad omnia seruum respondere, sed nutricem putat hoc loqui" (3) (Commentum, "Adelphoe" v.
While British assignats could be traced to the body of William Pitt in caricature, satirical bank notes became a kind of British assignat--a false promise with spurious value, laying bare the contingent subjects of credit, while at the same time admitting they offer the most convenient solution to the problem of debt.
Per fer-ho: --Durant el periode que tinguis assignat, anota, en un full de calcul, les dades obtingudes amb l'estacio meteorologica del centre.
Assignat libros ab artistis legendos, et normam statuit a studentibus in theologica facultate sequendam, 1231, Aprilis 13, Laterani .
An example often cited in the 19th century was the assignat experience in revolutionary France before Napoleon restored the gold standard (White [1876] 1933).
Donchs com aquesta causa sia materia civil a ello a jutge per ell assignat e assignador covinent se pertany e pertanyer se deu la conaxenc, a del dit fet e no pasa altre.
I, 4, (OPh, II, 67): "Utrum differentia, quam assignat Aristoteles inter litteras et voces et passiones et res, sit conveniens".
59) The disorder of invasion and civil war was not the bookseller's only worry: there were food shortages; (60) and the government's paper currency, the assignat, had fallen to less than half its face value.
Any specie that flowed inward during the reign of the assignat flowed back to France as financial confidence in France returned.
270): "In primis assignat eis (a estas, las infantas) triginta milia morbotinorum singulis annis percipiendorum toto tempore vita earum".