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Capable of being assimilated: assimilable nutrients; assimilable information.

as·sim′i·la·bil′i·ty n.


the capacity to be assimilated or made similar
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The KMT provided men with opportunities to demonstrate their assimilability, Marshall argues, whereas immigrant women on the prairies were isolated to a greater degree than those who lived elsewhere because of racial discrimination, geography, and traditional gender biases rooted in Chinese culture.
According to the board, thanks to assimilability, crystal stock levels and other qualities of Karara's supplies, the move will bring improvements in energy efficiency and cost saving to benefit Angang's profit-making ability.
paused on the newly seized island of Puerto Rico which was comprised of an undesirably Black population whose assimilability, its capacity to "whiten" and function as "reasonable" citizens was unknown (see Duany).
But such depictions could also, even simultaneously, undermine arguments for Scotland's assimilability, or stake a claim for Scottish superiority to the limits of the British polity.
This collection of essays originated from the September 2010 conference "Representing Perpetrators" at the University of Sheffield and explores ethics and aesthetics of depiction, questions of comprehension and assimilability, contexts of historical violence, nation and postmemory, gender, and voyeurism with aims to simultaneously examine the depiction of Holocaust perpetrators and maintain the unease associated with such examination.
In terms of a justificatory account predicated on informational advantage, a lawful permanent resident's contact with criminal law enforcement offers little reliable data about that person's belonging, assimilability, or desirability.
My point here is that the perception of Asian American assimilation and inclusion, however illusory, has served only to emphasize post-emancipation African America's lack of assimilability in America's racial imagination.
First, in addition to plate XII's assimilability by white, western viewers, the Puritan's poverty and illiteracy presumably preclude his exposure and attendant desensitization to a wide array of potentially disturbing cultural material.