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A policy of furthering cultural or racial assimilation.

as·sim′i·la′tion·ist adj. & n.


(Sociology) a person who favours and promotes the incorporation and mixing of different groups in society
(Sociology) relating to the favouring and promotion of the incorporation and mixing of different groups in society
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American Indian authors, Oskison included, writing during these years are often credited by critics with (or accused by them of) being assimilationists who proposed the idea that the "Indian problem" would disappear according to the natural laws of "social evolution.
Another is "bald," a signifier David's television alter-ego regards as a traditionally oppressed tribal identity (spitting in biblical fury when the assimilationists among this imagined fraternity of the hairless attempt to "pass" under the camouflage of a baseball cap or, God forbid, a toupee).
The two groups occupying clearly differentiated positions appeared during this period: the assimilationists, who supported the peaceful evangelisation of new converts; and exclusionists, who supported the elimination of this group.
While Parekh states that "not even the most aggressive assimilationist wants to suppress religious freedom," this is probably a "British exception" since there are assimilationists in Continental Europe who want to suppress religious freedoms of immigrants.
Tensions in Citizenship Education: Liberal Assimilationists vs.
While Karim and others agitate for violent protest, assimilationists like Redouan's older brother Said (Mimoun Oaissa), who runs a boxing gym for local youth, urge them to let the law run its course.
In the second half of the nineteenth century, the modernist camp split into different groups--Hebrew pro-Russian maskilim, radical assimilationists indifferent to their Jewish identity, and those modernists seeking to become integrated with the Poles (the Polonized integrationists).
As Cathryn McConaghy argues, segregation as a strategy was not oppositional to assimilation(ism) because assimilationists 'actually promoted segregation for the implementation of policy aims and social re-engineering projects'.
Lansky became interested in the language when it was unfashionable, ignored equally by religious Jews who believed its secularity was "unclean" and by assimilationists who felt Americans should only speak English.
Tutors questioned the degree to which they were forced to be assimilationists, considered whether their tutoring practice was in accord with their philosophy, and identified situations where they could encourage separatist writing.
In confronting the challenge of mass immigration, family-oriented assimilationists avoided the tempting but dangerous alternatives of Anglo-Saxon racialism and relativistic cultural pluralism.
Assimilationists who want individuals to submerge their individual and cultural identities in favor of nationalistic and patriotic ideals.