assisted living

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as·sist·ed living

A living arrangement in which people with special needs, especially seniors, live in a facility that provides help with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, and taking medication.

assisted living

a. a living environment for elderly people, in which personal and medical care are supplied
b. (as modifier): private assisted-living apartments.

assist′ed liv′ing

housing or living arrangements for the elderly, infirm, or disabled, in which housekeeping, meals, medical care, and other assistance is available to residents as needed.

assisted living

adj sociosanitario; n vida asistida; — — facility o center centro sociosanitario
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Skilled nursing company The Ensign Group (NasdaqGS:ENSG) reported on Tuesday the completion of the acquisition of the underlying real estate of 15 assisted living operations located throughout Wisconsin.
Assisted living communities are providing atmosphere and style, with beautiful dining room design and amenities such as Milwaukee's Jewish Home and Care Center's new dining room, which overlooks Lake Michigan.
Editor Richard Stefanacci said the title addresses the need for "information in this setting that can drive us toward best practices and subsequently improve outcomes for assisted living resident and other stakeholders.
However, despite the fact that assisted living accommodations house one-fourth of the Americans who live in housing for senior citizens, very little has been attempted in Manhattan for a number of reasons, including scarcity of sites, difficult building codes and high construction costs.
Some of the anxiety about the afford-ability of assisted living can be dispelled by understanding current costs and profiles of residents living in this setting.
Don't expect to see a surge in new construction in 2005, primarily because of limited availability of new construction lending for assisted living, Kramer said.
The assisted living phase of the $70 million health care complex will be known as The Bristal; the nursing home will be called the Fulton Commons Care Center.
First, capitalization rates started to come down for the best-run assisted living properties.
Assisted living is designed for caregiving, not necessarily for enhancing independence, but universal design can do both.
Because of New York City's dearth of existing assisted living product, and plentiful pent-up demand from wealthy New Yorkers reaching retirement age, many companies have announced their intentions to penetrate the New York City assisted living market with new development in the past few years.

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