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 (ə-sō′sē-ə-bəl, -shē-ə-bəl, -shə-bəl)
Capable of being associated: words associable with politics.

as·so′ci·a·bil′i·ty, as·so′ci·a·ble·ness n.
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Adj.1.associable - capable of being associated; "words associable with politics"
associative, associatory - characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination ; "associative learning"
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Renata's unaffected physical beauty makes her more appealing than the American women, although her looseness and freedom trigger intense sexual desires associable with "rough" and "unmaidenly" behavior.
That is, Seligman suggested that a given conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus pairing in classical conditioning or response and reinforce pairing in operant conditioning will be more or less associable depending on the animal's evolutionary history.
By maintaining solidarity and working through the OAU, they hoped to ensure that there would be no split as between the Yaounde members and the mainly Commonwealth associable states, and by November 1973 Nigeria's ambassador in Brussels, Olu Sanu, could speak on behalf of all 43 [at that time] when he said that their target was "the increase in the volume of our countries' separate remunerative prices to the markets of the EEC's member states", and he called for "complete free entry".
Indeed, it is precisely this latter field where Schulenberg feels most comfortable: as a true performer-cum-scholar he differentiates with impressive clarity between features associable with Dresden, Berlin, Leipzig, or Halle, respectively, and provides a stylistic survey not merely of the Bach family, or even the Bach circle, but of several other greater and lesser figures of German music life in the first half of the eighteenth century.
Heisenberg as a consequence of the operator formalism of wave mechanics, on which relies the quantum theory: the wave function [psi] = [psi](x, t) replaces the lack of definable quantum values of x concurrently associable to the conjugate [p.
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