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Presumptuous; arrogant.
On the assumption that; supposing: Assuming the house is for sale, would you buy it?

as·sum′ing·ly adv.


in a presuming manner
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Together, these six programs constituted a sample of assumingly strong programs with certain similarities but with enough variety and contextual differences to make cross-case analysis interesting.
We set the following working hypothesis: considering that phytoplankton is assumingly more essential in lakes than in rivers, the relative importance of phytoplankton-based food chains versus detritus-based food chains is greater in the outflow compared with the inflows.
The two seemingly dated on-and-off until Wednesday when Rob posted revenge porn pictures of Chyna to social media and assumingly ended their relationship for good.
Assumingly this could be due to the subjects were not aware about presence of their own halitosis.
They suggest that the United States' criminal justice system intentionally administers law, order, and justice in a racially-biased and unbalanced manner, while assumingly operating under false guises of democratic political ideals and principles (Stanley & Weaver, 2014).
Assumingly they intend to do a proper job, but they may have to decide to conduct a project knowing they cannot comply with our professional standards of, for instance, inclusion.
If assumingly, uncontrollable environment ensued, discordant views may emerge to encourage convergence on issues that were to bring harmony and progress, another best term for good employment relations (Edwards, 2003).
Campanilla explained that both residence or domicile nonetheless, in essence assumingly approximate the degree of patriotism or love of country that a candidate for the highest position of the land possess on election day.
This disappointment of the party(ies) with the expert report triggers the process of requesting another court expert or panel of experts, who are now requested to evaluate the matter and the facts of the case in their respective specialized areas of expertise, assumingly better than the first expert or panel of experts.
Theoretically, a reduction in the level of taxes levied on capital does not necessarily lead to a reduction in tax revenues as, assumingly, the tax base should widen due to the inflow of foreign investors.
Because of the non-conflictive nature of the priority more reliable management of natural disasters , it will assumingly encounter - in comparison to other Swiss priorities - less controversy among OSCE participating States.
The FIA also assumingly alleged PAT and its chief of money laundering stating that heavy amounts of money had been transferred to various accounts of the Minhajul Quran Secretariat in the recent years.