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 (ăs′trə-kăn′, -kən)
Variant of astrakhan.
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The bailiff, beaming all over, like everyone that day, in a sheepskin bordered with astrachan, came out of the barn, twisting a bit of straw in his hands.
The Everest Companies and Philip Rousseaux are represented by Jim Astrachan of Astrachan Gunst Thomas, P.
And, a focus on long-term sustainable growth is a strategy that is a proven accelerator for women in leadership," said Joe Astrachan PhD, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, Kennesaw State University.
Astrachan has worked with dozens of fashion clients over the last 20 or so years.
A version designed for use at home and in day-to-day life is currently in use in other countries and is expected to be approved by the FDA within the next few months, says Phil Astrachan, a representative of Argo Medical Technologies.
Peter Riguardi, Frank Doyle, Cynthia Wasserberger and Alexis Tener of Jones Lang LaSalle represented the landlord, while Matthew Astrachan and Mitchell Konsker of JLL and Cushman's Jon Herman and Steven Bauer represented Oppenheimer.
He had been with Nicholson Kovac and previously with Astrachan and Plattform Advertising.
Using the same problem for assignments has some similarities with the application-based approach adopted by Astrachan, Smith and Wilkes (1997) when teaching a data structures course, and to the case study approach to teaching programming advocated by Linn and Clancy (1992).
In light of the undiversified holdings of family owners (Anderson, Mansi & Reeb, 2003) and the strong attachment they display to their current activities (Sharma & Manikutty, 2005; Zellweger & Astrachan, 2008), we expect that these owners evaluate investment alternatives that imply differing leverage levels based on reference points, considering "Can we afford it?
The Healthy Ideas logo identifies only the truly healthy foods in our stores," Andrea Astrachan, vice president of consumer affairs/consumer advisor, at Quincy, Mass.
In this volume in a series compiling the most influential articles in family business research, Astrachan (management and entrepreneurship, Kennesaw State U.
A recipient and/or a source's lack of motivation to keep the business as a family firm and a low degree of commitment to the family business may negatively affect the accumulation process of knowledge within the business (see for instance Nonaka and Takeuchi, 1995; Barach and Gantisky, 1995; Szulanski, 1996; Astrachan et al.