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1. In a straddling position; astride.
2. Across or over both sides.
So as to straddle or bridge; astride.


(postpositive) with a leg on either side of something


(əˈstræd l)

adv., adj., prep.
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Adv.1.astraddle - with one leg on each sideastraddle - with one leg on each side; "she sat astride the chair"
References in classic literature ?
But pretty soon he struggled up astraddle and grabbed the bridle, a-reeling this way and that; and the next minute he sprung up and dropped the bridle and stood
But you see how compassionate heaven sends aid in our sorest need; Don Gaiferos advances, and without minding whether the rich petticoat is torn or not, he seizes her and by force brings her to the ground, and then with one jerk places her on the haunches of his horse, astraddle like a man, and bids her hold on tight and clasp her arms round his neck, crossing them on his breast so as not to fall, for the lady Melisendra was not used to that style of riding.
Without ceremony he snatched up the little priest, slung him astraddle on his shoulders, and went racing towards Seawood as fast as his long legs could carry him.
The lion stood astraddle Tarzan with his front paws.
Right glad was the traveller to see the high tower of Christchurch Priory gleaming in the mellow evening light, and gladder still when, on rounding a corner, he came upon his comrades of the morning seated astraddle upon a fallen tree.
Physical geography makes for a Pakistani fault line creating a constant struggle for those living astraddle it, radical versus moderate Muslims, one aggressive ethnic group against another.