Moving with a swirling or whirling motion: couples aswirl on the dance floor.


in a whirling manner



adj., adv.
moving in a swirling pattern.
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The novel is aswirl with inversions of first positions.
The season of the prince of peace is upon us once again, yet the world seems aswirl with violence and despair.
We hear something ring out in the sky, like some family crockery being broken, slowly falling aswirl, yet its shards, as they reach our palms, don't hurt but melt when handled.
The climate for the 'next' generation of American writers--should we decide to inhale rather than die--is aswirl with what seems like long-overdue appreciation for the weird achievements of such aliens as Husserl, Heidegger, Bakhtin, Lacan, Barthes, Poulet, Gadamer, de Man.
Various reasons are aswirl as to why GoS troops attacked the people of the Nuba Mountains.
In the end, twelve of twenty got on the bus and hadjed into the state capital, which on sunny hot days appeared from the northway exit as a scale model of itself enclosed in a transparent sphere aswirl with photochemical smog.
Battle's ingredients include six male knockouts--Roberts, Brown, Sims, Antonio Douthit, Kirven James Boyd, and Matthew Rushing--bare-chested, aswirl in skirts, and enacting a driving ritual to the thunderous percussion of Les Tambours du Bronx.
The crisp, articulating light defines palpable depth of field and texture--a wire biting into the blistered bark of a birch tree; the delicate lace coverlet placed on a dead woman's face; the roughly woven bandages wound around Karli's injured eyes; snow aswirl against ancient stone walls.
There is also the tendency to romanticise the tramp, feeling that his brain is aswirl with poems and profound thoughts.
Wall Street was aswirl early this month with suggestions that Medco or another prospective purchaser would throw a wrench in the CVS deal, possibly with a predominantly cash bid for Caremark shares above its trading price on October 31, the Journal said.
More engaging in her exhibit are a series of larger globes, each one aswirl with pumped-in glitter and each one containing a half dozen glass vials.