at anchor

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مُرسى، رَاسِ
for ankerforankret
viî festar


(ˈӕŋkə) noun
1. something, usually a heavy piece of metal with points which dig into the sea-bed, used to hold a boat in one position.
2. something that holds someone or something steady.
to hold (a boat etc) steady (with an anchor). They have anchored (the boat) near the shore; He used a stone to anchor his papers.
ˈanchorage (-ridʒ) noun
a place which is safe, or used, for anchoring boats. a sheltered anchorage.
at anchor
(of a ship) anchored. The ship lay at anchor in the bay.
References in classic literature ?
The Eleanor remained some few days at anchor here, and an apparently friendly intercourse was kept up with the inhabitants.
I communicated to his majesty a project I had formed of seizing the enemy's whole fleet; which, as our scouts assured us, lay at anchor in the harbour, ready to sail with the first fair wind.
Immediately afterwards a hundred boats were launched; they were covered with the richest stuffs, and destined for the conveyance of the different members of the French nobility towards the vessels at anchor.