at first blush

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: first blush - as a first impression; "at first blush the offer seemed attractive"
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As regarded Judge Pyncheon, it seemed probable, at first blush, that the mode of his final departure might give him a larger and longer posthumous vogue than ordinarily attends the memory of a distinguished man.
Although the elements of the economic realities' test may appear understandable at first blush, a careful reading of the DOL's guidance reveals that there are no bright-line rules upon which to rely.
At first blush it's hard to reconcile this concern with the recent stellar performance of our major banks.
The novel opens with what at first blush appear to be a simple home invasion, but it quickly appears that there is more to it than that: The home in question is Lena and Jared's, and the outcome is horrific: Two of the intruders are killed, Jared nearly so.
Although at first blush these features seem to suggest that Bunostegos was an evolutionarily advanced pareiasaur, it also had many primitive characteristics.
The story seemed implausible at first blush, according to an assistant prosecutor who tried the case, because the SUV was equipped with an anti-theft device that makes "stealing the vehicle virtually impossible.
At first blush, CNOOC's billion bid for Nexen seemed like a sign that China is ready to go on a buying spree in Canada's oil patch.
Editor replies: At first blush many of the items in The Other Six Days column seem in poor taste.
At first blush, the exponents of Islamic finance certainly have a bullet-proof argument-that the reckless risk-taking and bad decisions that tipped global banking into meltdown could not happen under the wise leadership of the Shariah sector.
Though at first blush it may seem rather comical, this put Simpson in a dangerous situation: She is disabled and dependent on an electric wheelchair for mobility, and without her ramp was literally trapped in her home.
Those who have admired Buffet's support for the estate tax and opposition to the unfairness of the payroll tax, both of which are against his own self-interest, are puzzled by his unqualified defense of Goldman and Moody's, which at first blush seems to be motivated by a desire to protect his own pocketbook.
Her's remarkable work, especially his most recent canvases, appear to be at first blush painted in the American Southwest.