at first glance

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glance 1

v. glanced, glanc·ing, glanc·es
a. To direct the eyes at or toward something briefly: glanced in the rearview mirror.
b. To read quickly or in cursory fashion: glanced at the menu.
a. To strike a surface at such an angle as to be deflected: A pebble glanced off the windshield.
b. To shine over or through something at an angle: The sun glanced through the leaves.
c. To be reflected, especially in flashes: sunlight glanced off the water.
3. To make a passing reference; touch briefly: a history course that only glanced at the Korean conflict.
1. To strike (a surface) at an angle; graze: The arrow glanced the target but didn't stick. See Synonyms at brush1.
2. To cause to strike a surface at an angle: glanced a stone off the wall.
1. A brief or cursory look: gave the paper a glance before breakfast.
2. A quick flash of light; a gleam.
3. An oblique movement following impact; a deflection: The car struck the barrier and went off at a glance.
at first glance
On initial consideration: At first glance the plan seemed unworkable.

[Middle English glauncen, alteration (influenced by glenten, to shine) of glacen, from Old French glacer, to slide; see glacis.]

glance 2

Any of various minerals that have a brilliant luster: silver glance.

[German Glanz, from Middle High German glanz, from Old High German, bright; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: first glance - immediatelyat first glance - immediately; "it was love at first sight"
References in classic literature ?
At any rate, if we yield to it, we must grant a far greater age to the Right Whale than at first glance will seem reasonable.
I came upon him just by chance, An eerie figure at first glance.
The boxes are available to buy at First Glance bridal boutique in Sunderland.
An evenhanded, straightforward evaluation, to be commended especially for its close scrutiny of the cultural differences that at first glance make Islamic and Muslim practices alien to Westerners, and Western culture confusing to or misinterpreted by Muslims.
AT first glance, the sentence Judge Michael Johnson handed down to George Russell Weller, the old man ran who down dozens of people at a Santa Monica farmers market in 2003, seems way too light.
Even at first glance, none of the elephants treated its image as another of its own kind, a typical first reaction in other species.
The fiction gives meaning to abuses that at first glance seem only cruel.
When two detectives arrest Alex Jordan for the alleged killing of their friend and co-worker, her horrific, explicit, and brutal confessions reveal that the murder case is far more complex than it would appear at first glance.
While the topic might seem limited at first glance, its scope really is huge.
At first glance Westchester: The American Suburb might seem a narrow focus on one small American community with interest limited to New York residents; but the focus on Westchester as a typical American suburb offers wider-ranging insights than one would think, and was designed to compliment a major exhibition at the Hudson River Museum.
Although at first glance the Quebec steadfastness appears to be a result of prudence and a refusal to kowtow to a politically correct agenda, it may in fact be an outgrowth of purely financial concerns.
What appears at first glance to be 15 chapters of heavy lifting fly right by.