at intervals

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1. A space between objects, points, or units, especially when making uniform amounts of separation: We set up hurdles at intervals of 15 yards around the track.
2. An amount of time between events, especially of uniform duration separating events in a series: We ran laps at 30-second intervals.
3. A segment of an athletic workout in which an athlete runs, swims, or does other exercise over a series of predetermined distances at regular time increments with intermittent rests.
4. Mathematics
a. A set of numbers consisting of all the numbers between a pair of given numbers along with either, both, or none of the endpoints.
b. A closed interval.
c. An open interval.
d. A half-open interval.
e. A line segment representing the set of numbers in an interval.
5. Chiefly British An intermission, as between acts of a play.
6. Music The difference, usually expressed in the number of steps, between two pitches.
at intervals
In a series separated by space or time: trees planted at intervals; coughing at intervals.

[Middle English intervalle, from Old French, from Latin intervallum : inter-, inter- + vallum, rampart.]

in′ter·val′ic, in′ter·val′lic (-văl′ĭk) adj.
في فَتَراتٍ مُتَقَطِّعَه
tu a tam
med mellemrum
meî millibili; hér og òar


(ˈintəvəl) noun
1. a time or space between. He returned home after an interval of two hours.
2. a short break in a play, concert etc. We had ice-cream in the interval.
at intervals
here and there; now and then. Trees grew at intervals along the road.
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At intervals, the original wildness in his nature broke out; he, too, lost all re lish for the comforts of home, and ungratefully left the house.
I began it during the happier period of my life, and have continued it at intervals since.
We both saw the patient at intervals in the course of the night.