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The sharp end of a knife.
at knifepoint
Under threat of being stabbed or cut with a knife: was mugged at knifepoint.


the point of a knife.
at knifepoint, under threat of being harmed with a knife: hostages held at knifepoint.


knife-point [ˈnaɪfpɔɪnt] n
at knifepoint [rape, rob] → sous la menace d'un couteau
to be robbed at knifepoint → être dévalisé sous la menace d'un couteau
to hold sb at knifepoint → tenir qn en respect avec son couteau
He held her at knifepoint and threatened to kill her → Il la tenait en respect avec son couteau et menaçait de la tuer.
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The 24-year-old accused then took away Dh720 from one of the two women before he forced her to remove undress and raped her at knifepoint.
STAFF were held at knifepoint yesterday morning during a terrifying armed robbery in Nuneaton.
An 18-year-old male victim was then held at knifepoint in Islington the following evening.
Staff were held at knifepoint at the Co-op in Almondbury and the One Stop store on Broad Lane, Moldgreen.
A man accused of robbing a candy store and a Dari Mart in Eugene at knifepoint on Halloween night has been captured, authorities said Wednesday.
A ROAD-RAGE killer twice freed early by parole chiefs has been jailed for a crime spree which included stealing a car at knifepoint.
A PENSIONER was carjacked at knifepoint while he waited for help to change a flat tyre.
Summary: Suspect accused of rape at knifepoint and theft, his friend falls to his death while climbing down pipes
The robber took a supervisor to the till at knifepoint, where they were ordered to open it, and he snatched the takings.
The victim, a sophomore student, was on her way home from a school activity when the suspects followed her and held her at knifepoint.
A female tourist reported to police on Tuesday that she was robbed at knifepoint while sitting at her Paphos hotel's swimming pool.
In an unsolved case from 2010, a woman who felt "woozy" after a cup of coffee was then stripped and raped at knifepoint after she tried to resist.