at short notice

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بإنْذار قَصير المُدَّه
během krátké lhůtyna poslední chvíli
kort varsel
elõzetes bejelentés nélkülpillanatokon belül
meî stuttum fyrirvara
na poslednú chvíľu
kısa sürede


(ˈnəutis) noun
1. a written or printed statement to announce something publicly. He stuck a notice on the door, saying that he had gone home; They put a notice in the paper announcing the birth of their daughter.
2. attention. His skill attracted their notice; I'll bring the problem to his notice as soon as possible.
3. warning given especially before leaving a job or dismissing someone. Her employer gave her a month's notice; The cook gave in her notice; Please give notice of your intentions.
to see, observe, or keep in one's mind. I noticed a book on the table; He noticed her leave the room; Did he say that? I didn't notice.
ˈnoticeable adjective
(likely to be) easily noticed. There's a slight stain on this dress but it's not really noticeable.
ˈnoticeably adverb
This ball of wool is noticeably darker than these others.
ˈnoticed adjective
(negative unnoticed).
ˈnotice-board (American ˈbulletin board) noun
a usually large board eg in a hall, school etc on which notices are put.
at short notice
without much warning time for preparation etc. He had to make the speech at very short notice when his boss suddenly fell ill.
take notice of
to pay attention to. He never takes any notice of what his father says; Take no notice of gossip.
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On the weak and aged, and especially on delicate Females, the force of attraction tells much more heavily than on the robust of the Male Sex, so that it is a point of breeding, if you meet a Lady in the street, always to give her the North side of the way -- by no means an easy thing to do always at short notice when you are in rude health and in a climate where it is difficult to tell your North from your South.
The young lady's aptitude for playing a part at short notice was remarkable.
Currently, members can resign at short notice from the UKAF co-operative and end their milk contract within a year of signing up by paying compensation.