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 (ăt′ə-răk′tĭk) also at·a·rax·ic (-răk′sĭk)
Of or relating to a drug or other agent that has a tranquilizing effect.

[From Greek ataraktos, undisturbed : a-, not; see a-1 + taraktos, disturbed (from tarassein, tarak-, to disturb).]
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Adj.1.ataraxic - tending to soothe or tranquilizeataraxic - tending to soothe or tranquilize; "valium has a tranquilizing effect"; "took a hot drink with sedative properties before going to bed"
depressant - capable of depressing physiological or psychological activity or response by a chemical agent
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The disjunction between the two greater fields of representation-foreground and background--is reiterated within the smaller compass of the background, by juxtaposing the dramatic clash of divine power and human resistance depicted in the tapestry onto the benign indifference of the ladies, whose relaxed postures betray an ataraxic detachment from the violence implicit in the mythological scenes.