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n. pl. at·e·lec·ta·ses (-sēz′)
1. The absence of gas from all or part of the lung, due to failure of expansion of the alveoli.
2. A congenital condition characterized by incomplete expansion of the lungs.

[New Latin : Greek atelēs, incomplete (a-, not; see a-1 + telos, end; see telo-) + Greek ektasis, stretching out (from ekteinein, to stretch out : ek-, out; see ecto- + teinein, to stretch; see epitasis).]


1. (Pathology) failure of the lungs to expand fully at birth
2. (Pathology) collapse of the lung or a part of the lung, usually caused by bronchial obstruction
[C19: New Latin, from Greek atelēs imperfect + ektasis extension]


(ˌæt lˈɛk tə sɪs)

1. incomplete expansion of the lungs at birth, as from lack of breathing force.
2. collapse of the lungs, as from bronchial obstruction.
[1855–60; < Greek atel(ḗs) incomplete (a- a-6 + -telēs, adj. derivative of télos end, completion) + éktasis extension]
at•e•lec•tat•ic (ˌæt l ɛkˈtæt ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.atelectasis - collapse of an expanded lung (especially in infants)atelectasis - collapse of an expanded lung (especially in infants); also failure of pulmonary alveoli to expand at birth
pathology - any deviation from a healthy or normal condition


n. atelectasis, colapso parcial o total de un pulmón.
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The patient developed a low-grade fever postoperatively due to atelectasis and also developed candidal bacteriuria on POD 3, but was discharged on POD 5.
Maxillary sinus atelectasis (silent sinus syndrome): Treatment with balloon sinuplasty.
Shallow breathing may correspond to worsening infiltrates and atelectasis.
CLIR): complication of device insertion (57% vs 44%), nausea (30% vs 21%), depression (11% vs 3%), peripheral edema (8% vs 0%), hypertension (8% vs 0%), upper respiratory tract infection (8% vs 0%), oropharyngeal pain (8% vs 0%), atelectasis (8% vs 0%), and incision site erythema (19% vs 12%).
In the initial trauma workup, a portable AP radiograph of the chest revealed separation of the lower cervical vertebral bodies at the C6-C7 level, a widened mediastinum concerning for hematoma or CSF leak, and multifocal atelectasis (Figure 1).
Right-sided pleural effusion and right middle lobe atelectasis were also present.
Impairing the airways' ability to move air in and out of the lungs, the disease can cause other serious health problems, such as dyspnea, atelectasis, and heart diseases, resulting in some cases even fatal.
Contract awarded for Provide suction equipment for ventilation respiratory infections and prevent atelectasis caused by the accumulation of secretions in patients marchigue hospital.
With the relatively short (less than two hours) procedures which our team performs for cleft lips and palates, atelectasis has not been a problem and a recent study has given further encouragement for the practice (2).
Fracture ribs cause severe pain that adversely affects patients' ability to cough and breathe deeply, that may lead to decreased ventilator efforts, atelectasis, pneumonia and finally respiratory failure.
Abnormal lung mechanics of an over-circulated pulmonary vascular bed include a decrease in lung compliance, an increase in airway resistance, increase in work of breathing, pulmonary oedema, atelectasis, V/Q mismatch and pulmonary hypertension.
MRI showed extra cardiac mass lesion compressing right atrium and bilateral pleural effusion with compression atelectasis in lower lobe of right lung (Fig.