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adv. & adj.
1. In a tilted position; inclined upward.
2. Tilting or as if tilting with a lance.


adv, adj (postpositive)
1. in a tilted or inclined position
2. archaic in or as if in a joust



adj., adv.
1. with a tilt or inclination; tilted.
2. with the lance in hand in tilting.
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Adj.1.atilt - departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontalatilt - departing or being caused to depart from the true vertical or horizontal; "the leaning tower of Pisa"; "the headstones were tilted"
inclined - at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position; "an inclined plane"
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Al-Biqra Masrd al-tasawwuf wa-huwa kitethem: Tanbih al-ghabi ilii takfir Ihn 'Arabi wa-tahdhir min atilt l-(int7d bi-bid'ati I-110dd, ed.
disrupts them by mingling elements from disparate locales: on the opening night atilt Metropolitan Opera, his introduction of a semi-mythical aphrodisiac from Columbia, the Xiucutil grasshopper, leads to an orgy: at Venice's Piazza San Marco he traumatizes conventional tourists with a cutlass, a "huge reproduction of a Greek urn topped by a gold statue of a boy with an erection" which spurts champagne, and a gigantic barge, "a monstrous construction in gilt and pink and blue with sails of purple velvet" (137).
I don't consider that a substantial investment, especially not with the return in atilt tide and the return in health.
Atilt a tthePrixduJockey Club may bea more likely goal.
Atilt took was to cross Smetana's River Moldau over the Charles Bridge into the historic old town, explore its streets and byways, its churches, and be taken to a very ni ce restaurant high on a hill near the castle.
Barack Obama, fill out their "brackets" when the NCAA Tournament field is announced each March, but does that really atilt their work?
Her husband walked to the reception desk, and the woman walked across the office, her body atilt as she leaned on a black cane with a black plastic handle.
And he came back and back to what clearly never left his mind, brought out a snapshot of his wife Isobel--Dana was surprised that she was not beautiful but pleasantly severe, her straightened hair arranged in waves around her face--and then a studio portrait of the little girl, organdy and cornrows against a fake sky, chin atilt, mischief in her eyes.
Eucharist at Eventide In memory of John O'Donohue at the ruins of 12th-century Corcomroe Abbey Across the unmown fields we walk and through the churchyard of Celtic crosses atilt with weight of memory, and age, The doorway, long open to all creatures who, like us, seek shelter, sanctuary, something to feed on-- the doorway welcomes us.
What's the difference between a reading atilt or awhirl, and a reading beyond, or around: the avoiding eye, the averting reader is she who cannot afford to see what is in front of her.