atlas vertebra

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Noun1.atlas vertebra - the 1st cervical vertebraatlas vertebra - the 1st cervical vertebra    
cervical vertebra, neck bone - one of 7 vertebrae in the human spine located in the neck region
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Superior Articular Facets (SAF) are present on atlas vertebra facing superomedially and they occupy most of the upper surface of the lateral mass and lie obliquely, their anterior ends being always nearer to the midline than the posterior ends.
But a specialist practitioner in Dubai claims a small bone in the neck, called the Atlas vertebra, could be the key to your suffering.
He and fellow UMaine graduate student Robert Ingraham first visually identified the bone as a fragment of the right occipital condyle, the place where the skull articulates with the atlas vertebra of the spine.
Christian broke both his arms at Cheltenham on Saturday, which was awful as it isn't long since he had a badly injured shoulder; and Sam fractured the C1, or Atlas Vertebra, which helps form the joint connecting the skull and the spine.
Compression of arteries feeding the ventrolateral medulla (located in the brainstem near the atlas vertebra at the top of the spinal column) has been linked to hypertension.
He alerted some Chicago hypertension researchers, who discovered that the chiropractor had adjusted the Atlas vertebra, at the top of the spine where it holds up the head.
The atlas vertebra, which once supported the head of the fearsome creature, was poking up through the clay which had been exposed by gravel excavations.
Realignment of the atlas vertebra seemed to lower the systolic blood pressure of 25 patients during 8 weeks of follow-up without drug therapy.
One atlas vertebra had a cleft neural arch, a congenital malformation of unknown etiology (Mann and Murphy, 1990:50).