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A throwing device usually consisting of a stick fitted with a thong or socket to steady the butt of a spear or dart and extend the length it travels.

[Nahuatl, from atla, to throw.]


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a wooden implement used to throw a spear or similar weapon at a greater speed or distance as used by Native Americans


(ˈɑtˌlɑt l)

a device for throwing a spear, usu. a flat wooden stick with a handhold and a peg or socket to accommodate the butt end of the spear.
[1870–75; < Nahuatl ahtlatl]
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About one month after the comet's passage, the Maya record shows the royal ascension of Teotihuacan ruler Spearthrower Owl (Atlatl-Cauac), whose hieroglyph and iconic representations clearly depict an owl holding an atlatl, a spear-throwing tool with stars, or "celestial darts," attached.
Specifically, she introduced them to an ancient hunting tool called an atlatl (which was used to hurl darts), showing how it can serve as inspiration for a project that blends engineering and design: Students can study other inventions to send objects sailing through the air (e.
When I find an arrowhead, atlatl point, or spear point, I am instantly curious about the person who held it before me.
por que no se continuo con el uso del arma mesoamericana por excelencia, el atlatl, o lanza dardos?
A dart would be used with an atlatl, it's usually a thinner and more flexible rod, while a spear shaft would be designed to be thrown by itself," she said.
This scene typically depicts one or two major figures standing on daises holding spears and an atlatl with smaller figures following or surrounding them.
Algunos de los obsequios que circulaban entre los primeros cazadores-recolectores mexicanos eran las saetas para atlatl (o propulsor) con punta de piedra.
Harvest Weekend Visitors can learn how to preserve jams and jellies and the secrets of apple pie making, watch the Franklin Pierce University Atlatl team, meet bunnies from the Bolton Bunny Club and alpacas from Plain View Farm, along with many other activities, 10 a.
Animals were hunted with an atlatl or rudimentary bow and arrow.
Use the glossary below to create a vocabulary activity: American Indian Caughnawaga Great moccasin tomahawk Spirit Movement (AIM) cliff hogan Mound totem dwellers Builders Anasazi comanchero Indian National tepee Territory Museum of atlatl coup Indian Wars the American travois Indian Basket Makers cradleboard Iroquois Native vision Confederacy American quest Bering Strait Dawes Act kachina Church wampum Black Hills earth lodge kiva potlatch wickiup Bureau of Indian Eastern Little Powhatan wigwam Affairs Woodlands Bighorn Confederacy (BIA) culture long house powwow Wounded Knee Cahokia Mounds Five medicine pueblo xat Civilized lodge Tribes Calumet Ghost Dance medicine sachem man Carlisle Indian sagamore School Visit www.
No obstante, el atlatl tambien se ha encontrado en Baja California Sur, Chihuahua y Coahuila, en Mexico, y en Arizona, Nuevo Mexico, Texas, Utah y Colorado, en Estados Unidos.