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A thick drink of Mexican origin that is made with cornmeal, water, raw sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla and is served warm.

[Nahuatl ātolli, cornmeal beverage, from diminutive of ātl, water.]
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Noun1.atole - eaten as mush or as a thin gruelatole - eaten as mush or as a thin gruel  
cornmeal mush, mush - cornmeal boiled in water
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In Guatemala, findings show the effect of nutrition intervention with Atole (high energy and moderate protein drink) during the early childhood (before 3 years) on economic growth of adults.
Born to Mexican immigrants and raised in California's Central Valley, Esparza has been a semifinalist for a James Beard Foundation chef award, and perhaps more important has, as she says, atole par las venas (atole is a classic chocolate drink).
There also will be pre-Columbian music by South in the North Project, poetry, children activities, tamales and atole.
Considered the cradle of corn culture, Mexico boasts numerous native maize varieties that are used to make tortillas, tamales, the popular atole drink, and other emblematic dishes.
A follow up study of adults born during the INCAP trial in Guatemala, in which villages were randomized to receive Atole (45) (a high-energy, high-protein drink) or Fresco (lower energy, no protein) found higher HDL-cholesterol and lower triglyceride concentrations in those whose mothers had Atole (45).
The researchers revealed that men and women who received atole as children achieved higher scores on reading comprehension tests and on non-verbal cognitive tests.
Just as the menu of tamales, pozole (stew), atole and champurrado (thick, porridge-like drinks), traditional punches, and some small gifts for children are indispensible parts of the celebration of Candelaria, so the role of the padrinos is key.
For example, Silvestre Roldan's only sustenance growing up was corn in all its forms--tortillas, pinole, atole, pozole, tamales.
Items such as pan de muerto or sweet bread loaves; atole made of corn cooked with milk or water; chicken in a sauce made with chocolate, chile, and sesame seeds called mole; as well as fruit, tamales, soft drinks and flesh water.
Food and drink like chicken soup and the thick gruel known as atole is offered to them in 13 bowls made from jicaras (gourds), representing the 13 heavens of the ancient Maya.