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Noun1.atomisation - separating something into fine particles
division - the act or process of dividing
2.atomisation - annihilation by reducing something to atoms
annihilation, obliteration - destruction by annihilating something
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Objective: Reduction of soot emissions from Diesel engines will be explored by utilising simultaneously (a) injection pressure between 2000-4500bar, (b) engine operation at supercritical conditions relative to the injected fuel s critical point and (c) additives that improve atomisation and reduce pollutant formation.
A new air atomising nozzle which enables effective spraying of viscous fluids at very fine atomisation but at low flow rates, is the latest addition to the BETE range of nozzles.
The Advance HD (High Demand) range has been designed to meet requirements for a smaller, lightweight, easier to handle gun to reduce operator fatigue, coupled with high performance atomisation to optimise paint transfer and spray all of today's materials, including low, medium, high solids and two-component solvent or waterborne types.