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n. pl. at·ro·phies
1. A wasting or decrease in size of a body organ, tissue, or part owing to disease, injury, or lack of use: muscular atrophy of a person affected with paralysis.
2. A wasting away, deterioration, or diminution: intellectual atrophy.
v. at·ro·phied, at·ro·phy·ing, at·ro·phies
To cause to wither or deteriorate; affect with atrophy.
To waste away; wither or deteriorate.

[Late Latin atrophia, from Greek atrophiā, from atrophos, ill-nourished : a-, without; see a-1 + trophē, food.]

a·troph′ic (ā-trŏf′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.atrophic - relating to or characterized by atrophy; "atrophic arthritis"
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Atrophic scars may be treated with AFR or NAFR, while red atrophic scars may improve with a combination AFR or NAFR and a pulsed-dye laser, she said.
On examination, there is a 5-cm atrophic linear depression in the middle of the forehead, extending to the superior portion of the nasal bridge.
An otherwise healthy 19-year-old Chinese Han man was referred for painful atrophic patches.
The clinical study is intended to evaluate the tolerance of PRIMA while demonstrating the evoked central vision perception among patients who have lost their sight due to atrophic advanced dry-AMD.
The stroma of endometrium becomes fibrous and the endometrium becomes atrophic, though cystic glands may persist for years.
Materials and Methods: A complex morphological study of antral mucosa in school children with atrophic gastritis has been performed using histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and a morphometric methods.
His physical examination revealed bilaterally firm and nodular prostate with digital examination and huge firm hydrocele not permitting evaluation of the left testicle, and minimally atrophic right testicle.
We observed a frequency of atrophic gastritis in <1% in the Hp-infected patients.
Other names for this disease are eosinophilic myositis, atrophic myositis and masticatory myopathy.
Gynoflor is an ultra-low dose estrogen (estriol) and lactobacillus combination vaginal tablet used for the treatment of atrophic vaginitis due to estrogen deficiency during menopause, for the restoration of vaginal flora following the use of anti-infectives and for the treatment of certain vaginal infections.
Atrophic rhinitis (AR) is a chronic nasal disease that is characterized by progressive atrophy of the nasal mucosa and underlying bone of the turbinates and the presence of a viscid secretion that emits a characteristic foul odor sometimes called ozena (a stench).
2007 - registered with the General Dental Council and recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons England Alan has also attended many courses covering dental implants at Kings College London, BPS, Biofunctional Prosthetics System, Ivoclar Lichtenstein Rehabilitation of the Atrophic Ridge, Art and Science of Patient Care and many more.