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1. Being the principal physician supervising a patient's care.
2. Being a physician on the regular medical staff of a hospital.
1. The principal physician supervising a patient's care.
2. A staff physician in a hospital.


(əˈtɛn dɪŋ)

adj. (of a physician)
1. having primary responsibility for a patient.
2. holding a staff position in an accredited hospital: an attending physician.
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Noun1.attending - the process whereby a person concentrates on some features of the environment to the (relative) exclusion of othersattending - the process whereby a person concentrates on some features of the environment to the (relative) exclusion of others
basic cognitive process - cognitive processes involved in obtaining and storing knowledge
attentiveness, heed, paying attention, regard - paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people); "his attentiveness to her wishes"; "he spends without heed to the consequences"
clock-watching - paying excessive attention to the clock (in anticipation of stopping work)
ear - attention to what is said; "he tried to get her ear"
eye - attention to what is seen; "he tried to catch her eye"
notice, observance, observation - the act of noticing or paying attention; "he escaped the notice of the police"
notice - polite or favorable attention; "his hard work soon attracted the teacher's notice"
2.attending - the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)attending - the act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)
group action - action taken by a group of people
appearing, coming into court, appearance - formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action
presence - the act of being present
turnout - attendance for a particular event or purpose (as to vote in an election); "the turnout for the rally"


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She had come home from Cleveland, where she was attending college, to spend a day at the Fair.
He was up early the next morning, for they were to leave that day, and there was still considerable to be done in seeing that their baggage and supplies were safely loaded, and in attending to the last details of some business matters.
I should be sorry to have the defense protracted in such a manner as to irritate my red friends there," continued Montcalm, glancing his eyes at the group of grave and attentive Indians, without attending to the other's questions; "I find it difficult, even now, to limit them to the usages of war.
Certain circumstances attending this fatal occurrence had brought the deed irresistibly home to a nephew of the deceased Pyncheon.
At last, while attending a sick chamber, whither the Rev.
He had three or four boon companions, who regarded him as their model, and at the head of whom he scoured the country, attending every scene of feud or merriment for miles round.
Then the wild and distant seas where he rolled his island bulk; the undeliverable, nameless perils of the whale; these, with all the attending marvels of a thousand Patagonian sights and sounds, helped to sway me to my wish.
Clare walked the streets busily, and strove to fill up the chasm in his heart with hurry and bustle, and change of place; and people who saw him in the street, or met him at the cafe, knew of his loss only by the weed on his hat; for there he was, smiling and talking, and reading the newspaper, and speculating on politics, and attending to business matters; and who could see that all this smiling outside was but a hollowed shell over a heart that was a dark and silent sepulchre?
Yes, a man can keep his trademark current in such a country, but he can't sit around and do it; he has got to be on deck and attending to business right along.
I lay abed and read and rested from my journey's fatigues the remainder of that Sunday, but I sent my agent to represent me at the afternoon service, for I never allow anything to interfere with my habit of attending church twice every Sunday.
At last he must be attending to those things -- and she said artlessly that she would be "around" when school let out.
He has not been suffi- ciently rubbed and curried, or he has not been prop- erly fed; his food was too wet or too dry; he got it too soon or too late; he was too hot or too cold; he had too much hay, and not enough of grain; or he had too much grain, and not enough of hay; instead of old Barney's attending to the horse, he had very improperly left it to his son.