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Adj.1.attention-getting - seizing the attention; "eye-catching posters"
conspicuous - obvious to the eye or mind; "a tower conspicuous at a great distance"; "wore conspicuous neckties"; "made herself conspicuous by her exhibitionistic preening"
2.attention-getting - likely to attract attention; "a catchy title for a movie"
appealing - able to attract interest or draw favorable attention; "He added an appealing and memorable figure to popular American mythology"- Vincent Starrett; "an appealing sense of humor"; "the idea of having enough money to retire at fifty is very appealing"
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Take, for example, the classic-sounding "A Few Hours,'' with its undertow vocals, toe-tapping guitar and sharp, lacerating horns: The effect is a riveting blast of blues, brisk and attention-getting.
Let's Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done offers up a formula for a new kind of meeting: one which uses principles of engaging, attention-getting activities and approaches to turn meetings from dull shop talk to exciting events participants look forward to.
Choosing monthly 'celebrations,' helps keep Brian and his team front-and-center, and provides an attention-getting platform to communicate how current technology and round-the-clock service can build business.
The agency decided to use whimsical attention-getting messaging and some nontraditional media, such as a spot that ran in local movie theaters.
rebounds, four steals, and 11 points against Cal is certainly attention-getting.
Expanding on the Introduction of its Radiant Pink model, launched in October in conjunction with a charity program during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Aquarius Designer Series now comes in three more attention-getting colors: Vibrant Teal, Brilliant Black and Pearly White.
The summer Las Vegas Market was full of attention-getting introductions in furniture, lighting, home decor and mattresses.
The digitally manipulated images of the pope and Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed El-Tayeb were part of the company's "UNHATE" campaign to promote tolerance, the latest in Benetton's attention-getting advertisements, which have featured death row inmates and a person dying from AIDS.
The distractor was either similar in appearance to the target, or brightened to be more attention-getting.
Thanks to Magnum Boots USA and all those involved in this attention-getting campaign.
According to an SC Magazine article, Canada Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has voiced her concerns about the "alarming trend toward ever-bigger data breaches" and called for "significant attention-getting fines" for companies whose poor security practices allow users' information to be compromised.
If you don't pay much attention to her attention-getting ploy, she will probably stop.

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