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v. at·test·ed, at·test·ing, at·tests
1. To affirm to be correct, true, or genuine: The date of the painting was attested by the appraiser.
a. To certify by signature or oath: attest a will.
b. To certify in an official capacity.
a. To supply or be evidence of: Her fine work attests her ability. See Synonyms at indicate.
b. Linguistics To confirm the existence, usage, or currency of (a word, for example), as by being recorded in writing.
4. To put under oath.
To bear witness; give testimony: attested to their good faith.
Archaic Attestation.

[Latin attestārī : ad-, ad- + testārī, to be witness (from testis, witness; see trei- in Indo-European roots).]

at·test′ant n.
at′tes·ta′tion (ăt′ĕs-tā′shən, ăt′ə-stā′-) n.
at·test′er, at·tes′tor n.


(Veterinary Science) Brit (of cattle, etc) certified to be free from a disease, esp from tuberculosis
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Adj.1.attested - established as genuine
echt, genuine - not fake or counterfeit; "a genuine Picasso"; "genuine leather"
References in classic literature ?
I had not been seated very long ere a man of a certain venerable robustness entered; immediately as the storm-pelted door flew back upon admitting him, a quick regardful eyeing of him by all the congregation, sufficiently attested that this fine old man was the chaplain.
The awe which these reflections inspired was attested by the impressive silence and the ranks of staring eyes.
and attested by Wilkins Micawber, are forgeries by - HEEP.
Here, in a corner, my indentures were duly signed and attested, and I was "bound;" Mr.
A loud shout from the spectators, waving of scarfs and handkerchiefs, and general acclamations, attested the interest taken by the spectators in this encounter; the most equal, as well as the best performed, which had graced the day.
In this terrible agitation of mind, I could not forbear thinking of Lilliput, whose inhabitants looked upon me as the greatest prodigy that ever appeared in the world; where I was able to draw an imperial fleet in my hand, and perform those other actions, which will be recorded for ever in the chronicles of that empire, while posterity shall hardly believe them, although attested by millions.
But as a more concise, and at the same time equally satisfactory, evidence, I will refer to the example of two States, attested by two unexceptionable authorities.
In half an hour not one of that vast multitude was living; and the fragments of seven score thousand of the Criminal Class slain by one another's angles attested the triumph of Order.
I was only partially successful, as a sharp pain in my left shoulder attested, but in the sweep of my glance as I sought to again locate my adversary, a sight met my astonished gaze which paid me well for the wound the temporary blindness had caused me.
That he was close by was attested by the pitiful crying of the kid.
Oh, yes; and they may have the fact attested whenever they please.
Other shots followed and a few took effect, as a shriek or a grunt attested.