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Noun1.attic fan - a fan that blows heated air out of the attic of a building
exhaust fan - a fan that moves air out of an enclosure
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12 x exhaust fans of different sizes, partly as attic fan.
Where I grew up, a woodstove and an attic fan were all we depended on to slay warm during the cold months.
A previous owner had removed the attic fan that helped drive some of the circulation, and an HVAC system was installed.
An attic fan or whole-house fan running at night is most effective, but you can also help cool a room by installing box fans in two separate windows, with one fan pulling air in and one pushing it out.
As a partner of the established Solar company, based in Sarasota, Florida, they offer Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Water Heating, Solar Pool Heating and Solar Attic fan Installations and DIY Kit worldwide.
Could a solar awning be used in the attic to shade a window and also power an attic fan for ventilation?
The house was built in 1965 and additional features include updated vinyl flooring in kitchen and hall bath, new carpet in master bedroom, hardwood floors throughout the main level, new roof and deck (2008), new water heater, pressure tank and attic fan (2012), new windows and siding (2005), and new drain field (conventional with pump system (1991).
Install an energy-efficient attic fan or evaporative cooler
Jim Hudson brings over seven years of attic ventilation experience to Solar Royal, LLC, having worked with contractors, roofers, hvac, green energy companies and solar attic fan installers across the nation.
SPRINGFIELD - A faulty attic fan is blamed for starting an electrical fire that damaged a north Springfield home on Monday afternoon.
I used wood to heat, and cooled with an attic fan and ceiling fans, and was very comfortable.
GREEN FEATURES Large openings on the north and south sides of the roof ventilate the home naturally without the need for an attic fan.