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Being in a state of nervous excitement; twittering: a crowd atwitter with expectation.


twittering, nervously excited


(əˈtwɪt ər)

excited; nervous; twittering.


adj pred (fig)in heller Aufregung
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with such insistence and wily finesse that they even got the scientific community all atwitter about an imaginary "global warming hiatus.
Several hard-copy publications, mostly American and British newspapers/journals, had printed advance reviews of Birmingham's book, and cyberspace was all atwitter about Birmingham's claim to have unearthed "new" evidence to support the old argument that Joyce had syphilis.
ATwitter may not be the most representative barometer of sensible fan feeling, but more than a few supporters have taken to their keyboards in recent weeks to question everything from Roberto Martinez's training techniques, to the capability of the club's medical and physiotherapy staff.
ATWITTER troll who delighted in the fatal stabbing of teacher Ann Maguire has been jailed for eight weeks.
06 - Twitter sets markets atwitter with $14 billion IPO.
When the factory's anonymous owners hire a brooding young man named Salah (pop star Hani Adel) as the new bash muhandis, floor manager, the entire staff is atwitter because he appears to be unmarried.
Atwitter poll conducted by Match of the Day after Arsenal's victory over Liverpool asked whether the Gunners will win the Premier League.
The world is all atwitter about some tweets from Tehran.
Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte was one of the femme fatales of the War of 1812 generation, setting the gossipmongers atwitter with her revealing empire dresses at society events.
Meanwhile fellow Bafta presenter Laura Whitmore also has fans aTwitter - because she's been seen out with 1D's Niall Horan.