auction block

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: block - a platform from which an auctioneer sellsauction block - a platform from which an auctioneer sells; "they put their paintings on the block"
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
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This same in- fernal law had existed in our own South in my own time, more than thirteen hundred years later, and under it hundreds of freemen who could not prove that they were freemen had been sold into lifelong slavery without the circumstance making any particular im- pression upon me; but the minute law and the auction block came into my personal experience, a thing which had been merely improper before became sud- denly hellish.
pulled its Dockers brand off the auction block Monday, signaling management belief that it can rejuvenate the 18-year-old casual clothing line.
April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Moai Technologies, a business-to-business, enterprise-level provider of real-time, Web-based auction software, today announced that USWeb licensed Moai's LiveExchange product for integration within Ingram Micro's Auction Block.
Jones Apparel recently put its whole company on the auction block, but found no takers.
PICTURE PERFECT: Entertainers-turned-artists filled the back patio of Falcon Restaurant in Hollywood on Monday, as scads of wonderful women joined forces to create ``40 Fabulous Faces,'' a collection of self-portraits destined for the charity auction block.
In addition to the Old and Modern Masters, custom-framed works by several of the world's most famous living artists will cross the auction block.
With events such as the Quest for Speed & Style exhibition, the Car Club Jamboree, the Kid's Corner and the Classic & Collector Car Auction presented by The Worldwide Group with more than $10 million worth of inventory on the auction block.
WEDDING CHINA UP FOR BID: Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter's wedding china is going on the auction block - not the pattern that their friends and family are giving to the ex-``Bachelorette'' and her new hubby, but the dishes the Sutters and their guests dined on at Saturday's nuptials in Palm Desert.
This is conceivably one of the most significant and valuable automobiles to ever cross an auction block," said Craig Jackson, president of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company.
If that's the case, some items going on the auction block Dec.
The beauty approaches the auction block with numerous awards under her hood.
This year's theme is ``Legacy of Love and Caring For Our Seniors'' and, as in years past, will feature a fabulous French luncheon buffet by Chef Juan Alonso of Le Chene, wine and cheese tastings and a number of unique items on the auction block.