audio book

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audio book

1. a reading of a book recorded on tape

au′dio book`

or au′di•o•book`,

a recording of an oral reading of a book, often in abridged form.
livre audio
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Instead of dedicating a chunk of my Instead of dedicating a chunk of my day solely to reading, I can kill two or day solely to reading, I can kill two or even three birds with the one audio book.
Ron Hubbard available for new generations of appreciative readers -- and with their audio book productions, new generations of appreciative listeners as well
Actress Deborah Raffin, who became well-known relatively late in her life for launching a successful audio book company, has died of leukemia.
A NEW service from Rhondda Cynon Taf council's Libraries Service allows residents to download any audio book from the comfort of their own home.
The launch of the eBook and audio book digital catalogs by the first club(TM) coincides with the massive increase in eBook sales, which have almost doubled during 2010 and now make up 9% of total consumer book sales in the United States.
a FREE Shrek triple audio book, to pick up from Morrisons.
fOverDrive, a digital distributor of e-books, audio books, music and video to libraries, schools and retailers worldwide, reported today (15 April) an expansion of its e-book and audio book distribution in the UK.
A NEW cutting-edge audio book service will be launched by Flintshire's library and information service on March 1.
Doing something like this seems counter-intuitive because you don't have to go into a library to borrow an audio book.
An active library card to one of 20 local libraries is enough to gain book lovers access to 862 audio books via their computer, thanks to the introduction of the New Hampshire Audio Book Program.
Where have Bob and his crew moved to in the audio book Bob's Big Plan and Other Stories?
Nothing compliments a great road trip, removes you from a subway ride, replaces those same old songs on the radio, eases the stress of that rush hour commute, mutes those chattering kids in the back seat or enhances participation and discussion during family time better than a great audio book.