Relating to or involving a system of language acquisition that focuses intensively on listening and speaking.


(ˌɔ di oʊˈlɪŋ gwəl)

of or pertaining to a method of teaching foreign languages that emphasizes listening comprehension and speaking over reading and writing.
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In the next section of the paper, specific theories of language learning and teaching are reviewed and a brief description of the audio-lingual classroom compared to the iPod Touch classroom will be given.
Army method--later also called the FSI method--was the precursor of the audio-lingual, or drill and kill, method.
The contrast between learning and acquisition is perhaps most clearly illustrated by juxtaposing the Audio-Lingual Method with Communicative Language Teaching.
Savignon (1997) summarizes and contrasts the tenets of the Audio-Lingual Method and in her landmark book on communicative competence.