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also au·di·o·vis·u·al (ô′dē-ō-vĭzh′o͞o-əl)
1. Relating to both hearing and sight: audio-visual processing of speech recognition.
2. Abbr. AV Conveying information through media, such as audio and visual recordings, that are perceivable by both hearing and sight.
Audio-visual materials, especially ones used in presentations or demonstrations.


(oːdiəuˈviʒuəl) : audio-visual aids noun plural
films, recordings etc used in teaching.
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It leads to generation of employment among artistic, technical as well as non-technical personnel engaged in the arena of Audio-Visual Co- production including post-production and its marketing, thus adding to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of both the countries.
The Committee discussed its study on the reality of audio-visual media in the Sultanate as this study gains importance in terms of strengthening the reality of audiovisual media and its influence and role in the social and intellectual influence on the recipients, as well as to highlight the reason behind the low percentage of viewers of local radio and television stations, in addition to the reasons that would change the reality of the audio-visual media in the Sultanate to be more influential on the Omani recipient.
resources in the form of funding, training and expertise contribute to the fact that a major part of the audio-visual memory of the human kind is in jeopardy.
Freeman Audio Visual president Ken Sanders said Encore's acquisition makes the company one of the highest-ranking technology providers in the audio-visual field.
Whether it be political propaganda, business information or educational communication, audio-visual means are being extensively used for the achievement of objectives.
Ray produced a list of minimum audio-visual standards, and wound up with a set-up similar to Stetson and Central Michigan: a ceiling-mounted digital projector; a document camera, and a computer with a built-in DVD to project the PowerPoint presentations.
The census also found that people working in commercial radio were more evenly distributed than those in other audio-visual industries: 40 per cent were based in London, compared with 54 per cent for all other audio-visual industries.
University of Helsinki, teaching and meeting rooms audio-visual equipment maintenanceThe University of Helsinki is a public facility reservation system about 380 teaching space, ranging in size from 700 people banquet hall / auditorium for 10 people, team work rooms.
Lintex manufactures a wide range of audio-visual (AV) products for the Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish education and conference room markets
TMDistributing (TMD) was formed by TOTAL Marketing founder, Ron DeVoe, in order to sustain the demand for regionally distributed products in the audio-visual channel and is currently the MVAD, Master Value Added Distributor for TANDBERG and MediaPOINTE products for the Mountain and Southwestern states.
Funai is a world leader in audio-visual and communication technologies being able to create innovative products in the area of digital home appliances.
This contract notice relates to the client~s separate supply of audio-visual works in the following constituent units: Building C, Little House, VESPER and ongoing annual repairs.

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