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An audio recording consisting of a book or other material read aloud.


(ˈɔːdɪəʊˌbʊk) or

audio book

a recorded reading of a book recorded on tape, CD, or digital formats
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com is proud to announce the availability of new audiobook distribution service Author's Republic, an aggregate audio publisher helping to bring independently published audiobooks onto more platforms than ever before.
Out of 630 editorials published over the course of VideoAge's 34 years, Serafini has selected 33 for the audiobook.
Reportedly, the NOOK Audiobooks offering is powered by Findaway World, leveraging its audiobook technology and distribution platform, AudioEngine.
Tenders are invited for 15ODLSH1 - Audiobook Services for Elementary and Secondary Textbooks
Audiobook selections include titles from both the fiction and non-fiction best sellers lists, as well as from classics, lectures, radio & TV, comedy, horror, sports, science fiction, fantasy, science, technology, politics, business, history, biographies, travel, mysteries, erotica, and much more.
The Edgar Allan Poe Audiobook Collection #10: Deus et Machina
Plus the new CD audiobook of My Secret Diary by multi-award winning children's author Jacqueline Wilson.
In this complete and unabridged audiobook production, "Riders Of The Dawn" is distinctively narrated by Jim Gough who brings tension and immediacy to this classic western story.
For another, an unabridged audiobook is the play as written.
For so many people, listening to an audiobook is an opportunity to hear an author firsthand," says Mary Beth Roche, president of the Audio Publishers Association (APA) and president of Audio Renaissance, a New York-based audiobook company.
2] Morrison's embrace of popular markets extends as well to the audiobook versions of her novels, which constitute another important merger of "high" art with "low" media.
com, the world's largest producer and seller of digital spoken-word entertainment, today announced that the Audiobook Creation Exchange, the online audiobook rights marketplace and production platform it launched in 2011, produced ten times as many audiobooks in 2012 as it did during its debut year.