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 (ô′dē-ō-kə-sĕt′, -kă-)
A cassette containing blank or prerecorded audiotape.
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Noun1.audiocassette - a cassette for audiotapeaudiocassette - a cassette for audiotape    
cassette - a container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video
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A subsequent search there turned up, among other artifact, an abandoned cache of some 1,500 audiocassettes and videotapes.
While there, he has implemented many technological changes, including the transition from recorded discs to audiocassettes and now to a digital talking-book system.
Word-for-word audiocassettes are available for each, featuring professional actors and sound effects.
The shredder can also destroy CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, credit cards, ID badges, microfilm, and audiocassettes.
Each of the program's three levels provides a full year of daily instructional activities, as well as companion books, videotapes, CDs and audiocassettes that extend the learning process from school to home.
Sales of analog audiocassettes have fallen, while the CD-R (recordable compact disc) has increasingly become the medium of choice for recording music and data.
To receive the fax-on-demand full listing of audiocassettes for order, call the ASAE Member Service Center by phone: 202-371-0940; fax: 202-3718315; or e-mail: service@asaenet .
The company said it plans to transfer the production of audiocassettes to its plants in Germany and Thailand, but procurement of other products will be outsourced, it said.
South African authorities are losing the battle to prevent the sale of pirated Indian audiocassettes, compact discs and videos.
NIC also publishes directories, monographs, audiocassettes, and more.
They did that even though the final product--no matter whether it's music or spoken-words--will ultimately be published in a linear format--in the case of my project: audiocassettes.
NEW YORK -- The sales of standard audiocassettes have been adversely affected by a number of factors, including the declining price of compact disc players and the steady increase in digital music recording devices.