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(General Physics) caused or produced by sound or an audio frequency: an audiogenic epileptic fit.


(ˌɔ di əˈdʒɛn ɪk)

caused by sound.
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Prevention by cycloeximide of the audiogenic seizures and TRP metabolic disturbances of ethanol withdrawal in rats.
They named it Feline Audiogenic Reflex Seizures (FARS), a condition triggered by high-pitched sounds such as crinkling tin foil and clanging metal spoons.
Experts identified a new syndrome, termed "feline audiogenic reflex seizures".
5-10 mg/kg) on audiogenic seizures (sound induced) in mice and demonstrated that lamotrigine was able to antagonize the audiogenic seizures in a dose-dependent manner.
A startle reflex that is elicited by an unpredicted noise is referred to as an acoustic or audiogenic startle reflex, (Wilkens, Hallett, & Wess, 1986; Brown, Rothwell, Thompson, Britton, Day, & Marsden, 1991; Gluck, Mercado, & Myers, 2008).
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The effect of coramine on the facilitation of the audiogenic seizure.
Differential sensitivity of ethanol withdrawal signs in the rat to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) mimetics: Blockade of audiogenic seizures but not forelimb tremors.
We study Wistar Audiogenic Rats (WAR), epileptic rats genetically selected for audiogenic seizures.
MacCarthy's ethics of readership may have privileged impressionistic response, the ear of the other, as Derrida might have termed it in one of his roundtables, but it is the stylistic virtuosity with which MacCarthy brought imaginative literature and its criticism to the listening public, thereby calling for their response, that overshadows the equally earnest and ethical but far less audiogenic contributions of E.