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Revised, this edition updates, expands, and reorganizes material, including more exercises on areas like the properties of sound, anatomy/physiology, audiogram interpretation/description, and masking, as well as separate chapters on immittance and otoacoustic emissions and auditory brainstem responses.
Conclusions: Idiopathic BSSHL is a relatively rare subtype of SSHL with a higher rate of descending audiogram type and inferior hearing outcome rather than being classified as a completely different disease entity compared to USSHL.
An updated audiogram (figure) showed little change compared to an audiogram obtained approximately 2 years earlier.
In pure tone audiogram, there was mild conductive type of hearing loss in right ear.
We collected data from medical records of patients who were treated with ITD for acute tinnitus, either induced by noise or of unknown cause, and analyzed the treatment outcomes over a relatively long-term follow-up period until the final questionnaires and audiogram were completed.
71%) workers had sensorineural hearing loss, had a prominent notch at 4000 kHz on audiogram, confirming it to be noise induced.
Reference audiogram upon entry to service (ie, DD 2215 or DD 2216 (line 15c));
An audiogram (hearing test) will identify the type and degree of hearing loss.
A cross-sectional retrospective cohort analysis was conducted using the last audiogram completed for each worker during 2003-2012.
Pre-operative audiogram and x-ray mastoid were performed for all the cases.
Audiogram showed 75% hearing loss on the right ear and 95% hearing loss on the left ear Her vital signs were normal.